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Why Is My Account Verification Rejected?

Reason Why Verification Rejected

Here are some things to pay attention to if we reject your account verification:
The personal data you fill in does not match your identification
Make sure when you take a picture your identification is clear and not blurry and the data is correct
When taking a selfie with an ID, make sure it's clear and not blurry and that the ID fits
When taking a selfie make sure you dress and be polite

Account Verification Tips

Make sure to fill in your personal data in accordance with the documents you attach, re-check before submitting. This makes it easier and faster for the NOBI team to verify your data so that your account can be verified faster as well.
Make sure to use a valid official document, according to your country.
Make sure you are in a room with sufficient light so that when taking photos of yourself or documents can be seen clearly, not blurry or dark.
Use a background with a light color so that your face and documents can be seen clearly.
Wait 1-3 seconds after you take a photo of yourself or a document before changing the position of your smartphone, so that the photos are not blurry.

Updated on: 10/02/2022

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