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How to Enable 2FA?

Enable 2FA to get User Level 1
Strengthen the security of your NOBI account by enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

NOBI really cares about the security of investing in users, and you are expected to participate in activating additional security to maximize the security of your NOBI account, one of which is by activating two-factor authentication (2FA). Activation of the 2FA code is a mandatory requirement if you want to withdraw Rupiah from NOBI.

Before following this guide, we recommend downloading the authenticator app which is available on Google Play Store or App Store. After that, let's start the easy way to activate the 2FA code for your NOBI account.

Open the NOBI app and tap the Profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Touch the User Level option

Press the Set Authenticator button

Then press the I Already Installed button

On this page, QR code and unique key information will appear. You can use one of them. If you enable the 2FA code on the same device, we recommend that you copy the unique code as shown in the example of this guide. Leave this page open while you do the next step.

Next, open the authenticator application that was downloaded earlier, click the plus button (+) to add a new authentication code. Click manual entry as shown in the example image below.

For the last step, return to the NOBI application on the two factor authentication page (step 3), click continue and enter the 2FA code for your NOBI account listed on your authenticator application page. Voila! Your Nobi account's 2FA code activation has been completed! Automatically the slider button will turn green after successful activation. Furthermore, every time you log into your Nobi account, you will be asked to enter a 2FA code.

Important note: The 2FA code on the authenticator app is always changing. Make sure you enter the correct code.

Updated on: 10/02/2022

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