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How to Deposit Rupiah via GoPay in NOBI

After registering in NOBI app, now you can deposit Rupiah at NOBI. Here’s an easy way to deposit Rupiah via GoPay e-wallet.

Open the NOBI application, then tap "Deposit". Then, tap "Rupiah" to make a Rupiah deposit.

On the Deposit IDR page, tap GoPay to deposit Rupiah via GoPay E-Wallet.

On this page, enter the nominal Rupiah that you will deposit from GoPay to NOBI. Then, tap "Continue".

Note: The minimum deposit is IDR 100,000. So, make sure you fill in a nominal equal to or more than that number. Also, make sure Gojek app is installed on your smartphone.

After that, detailed information on your GoPay deposit transaction will appear. If the information is correct, tap "Finish Deposit". Next, your Gojek application will automatically open. Make sure the deposit amount is correct and your balance is sufficient. Then, please confirm the payment within 2 minutes.

Congratulations! Your Rupiah deposit process via GoPay e-wallet has successful!

Updated on: 02/11/2022

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