Before being able to deposit any crypto assets on NOBI, your account must first be verified to user level 1. (Activate 2FA)

Once you're verified, you can deposit any of the supported crypto assets in NOBI by following these steps:

Open the NOBI app, then tap the Wallet icon located on the bottom right of the screen

Then select crypto that you wish to deposit from another exchange or hardware wallet. In this example we’ll be showing how to deposit HNST to NOBI.

You can easily scan the address QR Code shown on your screen or you can copy your address and the memo if any then paste it on your wallet or exchange outside NOBI.

Depositing crypto on NOBI takes from 5 – 120 minutes or probably even more depending on your coin blockchain network. If it takes longer, contact for assistance or chat us on NOBI HELP

You can check the status regularly in your NOBI wallet anytime. Once the deposit is successful, let your crypto journey begin!
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