Before you can start buying and selling crypto, first you'll need to deposit Rupiah into your NOBI account and pass KYC (user level 3). Once you're all set, follow these steps below:

On your dashboard, you’ll found the Buy/Sell section. in this section listed all the coin you can buy-sell on NOBI Trade. Tap on one of the crypto you wish to buy.

Here you'll see the price movement chart in real time, and a complete information about the crypto. After things look good, next you just need to tap the Buy button.

Enter the amount you'd like to buy

Next you’ll be brought to an order confirmation screen for a chance to double check your order.

Order submitted! You'll receive a notification from NOBI if your purchase is successful

Now, you're ready for your crypto journey in our Earn or Pro products!

If you need further assistance, contact NOBI HELP where our dedicated support specialists will assist you via Telegram chat, or send an e-mail to
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